I am an emerging collage artist from Western Australia. My focus is on hand cutting recycled cardboard to create abstract pieces that are unique and an eco-friendly approach to art. I believe my focus on recycled materials is important, as it brings attention to the value of sustainability and reducing waste in our daily lives. I include birds and gum blossoms in my work as a nod to the natural environment of Western Australia and its unique flora and fauna. I aim to create a sense of place and identity in my work, and to help connect viewers to their local environment and community. The hand cutting technique that I use adds a personal touch to my artwork, as each piece is unique and has its own individual character. This creates a sense of intimacy and connection between the artist and the viewer, and adds to the overall impact of my work. Engaging with my audience through my art by creating textural pieces whereby I encourage viewers to come closer and experience the artwork from different distances. This approach creates a more interactive and immersive experience for the viewer, and can help to deepen their appreciation and understanding of my work. I hope my art work continues to inspire others to think creatively and sustainably.